Why are sports clubs getting involved?

Sports clubs and their communities across South Australia are seeing a noticeable rise in sports betting. Gambling companies are not just spending big on advertising, they're investing millions of dollars in sponsorships across almost every sport in Australia.

Many clubs are concerned that this is leading to an increase in risky gambling behaviour in their communities such as:

  • Spending more than they can afford.
  • Feeling guilty about their gambling.
  • Chasing their losses.
  • Losing track of time when gambling.

These behaviours can quickly lead to financial stress, damaged relationships, depression and other problems.

Which clubs are saying no to sports betting sponsorships?

Adelaide United Football Club are our inaugural partner. They have chosen to put community wellbeing ahead of accepting sports betting sponsorships.

Adelaide United understands young people are heavily influenced by the sports clubs and sporting brands they engage with.

"When sports betting sponsorship really started taking off, we sat down and asked ourselves what we’d feel comfortable with. We asked if we would have a betting company on our jerseys, and the answer was no.

We asked if we’d have a betting company on our website, and the answer was no. Pretty quickly, it became obvious we wouldn’t want any partnership with a (sports) betting company at all.”
- Nathan Kosmina, CEO Adelaide United Football Club

Adelaide United want to foster a love of their game and their club. They recognise the potential risks in sports betting and know that together we have the power to create an atmosphere and culture that celebrates sport without betting. So why don't you join us and be Here For The Game!

How we plan to help sporting clubs

Over the coming months, Here For The Game will provide clubs with information about the impact of sports betting and ways to keep their communities safe. This can help your club make informed decisions about what you can do in your community to help disrupt the normalisation of sports betting, and support people with access to help.

Working directly with South Australian sports clubs and their communities, we are developing a range of resources that all sports clubs can access and we will continue to add information as the program develops over time.

Get involved

Are you a player, member or employee of a sports club in South Australia? Do you want to hear more about Here For The Game and how you can join the program?

Resources for sports clubs

Head to our resources page to download the Here For The Game posters and other information to use in your club.

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